About the Cr Fabrication

CR Fabricators was established in the year of 2009, and as serves its customers in all south India,  is a Sole Proprietorship based business venture located at Bengaluru in Karnataka. We are a leading name in the industry as a manufacturer & supplier of a wide range of Industrial cranes, industrial structures and material handling equipments. as the pioneering custom manufacturer and supplying firm,
We are able to offer a wide range of Fabrications.

CR fabrication company is specialized in creating custom products based on a client’s specifications. They may use a variety of techniques and tools to shape and assemble the materials, including welding, cutting, bending, and drilling. The end result of the fabrication process is typically a high-quality, finished product that meets the client’s exact needs and specifications.

CR Fabrication serves a wide range of industries, including automotive, construction, and manufacturing. Some examples of products that may be created through fabrication include structural steel beams for buildings and custom-designed machinery for factories.

Overall, fabrication is an important process in many industries and plays a key role in creating the products and structures that we use in our daily lives.

Equipment and facilities

CR Fabricators is equipped with all the in-house equipment, like welding machines, CNC machines, cutting tools and machines, and other specialized machinery


To be an embodiment of reliability and quality. We have been consistently working towards technologically advancing our products and to give optimum quality at competitive prices. Our customer / requirement centric approach and constant communication with them till the completion of the project help us to provide the best possible material handling solution.